I'm Claire, a freelance writer and campaigner based in Oxford.

I think a lot about all the wrongs that humans do to nature, often for no justifiable reason. But I want to think more about how we can do better, how we can make more space for it both physically and mentally. So here is where I do some writing on that. Sometimes with a philosophical bent, since I've got two and a half degrees in philosophy.

There will also be a smattering of essays on topics beside the environment. These won't be random musings but pieces I've crafted carefully, so hopefully you'll like reading them.

A note on the title of this blog: I pinched it from Miriam Toews' wonderful novel All My Puny Sorrows, which itself takes its name from a Coleridge poem where he writes of confiding all his puny sorrows to his beloved sister. I think the phrase captures how the ecological crisis is so huge it's hard to comprehend, and all the little sorrows - the deaths of so many individual creatures, the felling of so many individual trees - that make it up.


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